Who We Are

The company was established back in 1973 and, at first, our sole aim was to provide a high standard service to the local industry. Over time though, this modest goal began to evolve.

Slowly but surely, we expanded to supply an ever-increasing range of industries; now a days, our clients produce everything from Simple O-rings to huge sophisticated multilayered rubber and metal bonded direction control Flex –seals for satellite launch vehicles.

Moreover, the advent of the Internet meant that we can diversify once again by advertising via the World Wide Web the quality services for which we’ve come to be known. Simply put, we were forced to stop thinking locally and start thinking globally.

Currently, our factory located in Thrissur, Kerala, fulfilling the requests of customers from all over the world.

Our Strength


We attribute a great portion of our success to our focus in providing the best customer care possible and ensuring their satisfaction to the best of our abilities.


We offer end to end solution for designing the product, prototype and mass production. We have in-house: design department, chemical lab, rubber compounding, moulding, metal fabrication, plastic injection, polyurethane moulding and carbon composites processing.


Our customers can rest assured that, not only do we promise the best products and service in the field, our assistanceis ensured throughout the engagement.

Our Features

In house Design Department

Equipped with skilled designers to provide solution for complicated products.

Research & Development Team

We have ultra modern machines installed for quality control.

In house lathe and CNC machines.

Equipped with highly accurate CNC machines and experienced programmers and operators.

Achivements & Certification

Sachindra Rubber Plus is a recognized supplier for the Indian space, Navy, Military, Mining & Automobile organizations/ Industries. Sachindra Rubber Plus also exports different kinds of Rubber, Polyurethane parts used in oil-field, potable water and fire-fighting applications.


Our Clients

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